Professional Quality Home Blood Spot Test For Vitamin D

Professional Quality Home Blood Spot Test For Vitamin D

Vitamin D Professional Quality Home Blood Spot Test For Vitamin D Deficiency - Easy Spot Test Gives Accurate Vit D 25-OH Level.

ARE YOU LIKE 75% OF AMERICANS TODAY - VITAMIN D DEFICIENT? A Total Vitamin D Test is the ONLY way to know for sure...

KNOW YOUR TOTAL VITAMIN D BLOOD LEVEL: Tests for both D3 and D2 for complete reading

EASY: Step by step instructions, test materials, plus prepaid mailing label to lab for quick turnaround results

ACCURATE: All lab work done in an FDA, CLIA and CAP Accredited Facility with cutting edge equipment to strict standards

FAST AND ECONOMICAL: Results are available online and/or by mail within 7 to 10 days, ready to discuss with your healthcare provider. Test your Vitamin D in the comfort of your home - no doctor visit or appointment necessary! *


Known Health Risks of Chronic Vitamin D Deficiency:

• Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
• Depression/Low Energy/Seasonal Affective Disorder
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular problems
• Hypertension/Stroke
• Neurological Diseases like Alzheimers/Dementia/Parkinsons/MS
• Dental and Gum Disease
• Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
• Specific Cancers
• Allergies and /or Asthma

Current research has now shown that Optimal Vitamin D3 Levels to be between 50 and 70

• Dramatic levels of cancer reduction can be achieved by maintaining blood levels over 50
• Use the Home Test Kit to receive the most accurate laboratory results
• Quick Turnaround Time (7 to 10 days)
• Results posted for you online in a secure private site
• Results can be printed out and shared with your provider


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* This Home Test Kit is available to residents of New York State.


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