Best Effective naturActiiv™ Vitamin D3 5000

Best Effective naturActiiv™  Vitamin D3 5000

Potent Professional Quality Vitamin D With No GMO, Oils or Additives -Helps End Vit D Deficiency Quickly


SUNLIGHT SUPPLEMENT: Vitamin D is also known as the "sunshine vitamin" - your body produces this vitamin naturally when you are outdoors in sunlight. When you take naturActiivTM Vitamin D3, you get all the internal benefits of sun exposure without the risks of UV damage to your skin.

PURE AND POTENT: naturActiivTM Vitamin D3 mini-tabs with no gelatin are nutraceutical grade and normally available only from a medical professional. Manufactured in the USA in GMP and NSF-certified facilities to USP standards - when you see this, you can trust that the ingredients and the process are proven safe and top quality. There are NO added oils, such as corn, soy or olive oil that can go rancid. No fillers or gelatin, only natural ingredients.

ZERO HARMFUL INGEDIENTS: There are absolutely NO artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives, no fillers, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sugar, starch or genetically modified ingredients (GMO's). Pure and natural.

EASY-TO-SWALLOW MICRO-TABLET FORM: naturActiivTM Vitamin D3 5000 comes in the form of micro-tablets that are easy to swallow and digest - there is no "burping" or other indigestion from oils or other added ingredients. No calcium either.



        100% "Love It Guarantee" 



         100 Microtabs

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